We don't get paid, UNTIL YOU GET PAID!

What does it cost? There is NEVER any up-front cost to you.

When your deposit is refunded, we get 15%

We are well aware that it's expensive to move into a new place when your ex-landlord has withheld your deposit. Renters rely on those deposits to assit them in the move. So we don't bill up front fees to collect your deposit for you. Instead we bill you for 15% of the amount we collect and only if we are successful at collecting it. This is a no loss situation for you. Simply apply now.

Our motto: "We don't get paid until YOU get paid"

We will never bill you unless your deposit is refunded. 99% of deposits are refunded in the first 21 days. When your deposit is refunded, we simply subtract our 15% and then we mail you the refund the same day. So if your landlord refund is recieved by us on a Monday, we send your check out to you on Tuesday. It's in the mail the very next day.

Things you should know

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  • 97% Of Landlords That We Contact Never Go To Court

    Our collection process is direct, to the point, and convincing. Landlords get the message that we don't waste time. We act swiftly and within the law to show them why they are wrong and how much it will cost them if they go to court with us. To go to court for a security deposit. The attorney fees on either side costs more then the deposit. Landlords quickly come to the realization that if they go to court with us, they are going to be paying out a lot more. The reason is that the landlord must pay our fees as well as court costs and the full amount of the deposit. In some cases even more.

Why choose us over other firms?

We are specialists in recovering security deposits. It is the only service we offer.

  • Every legal means necessary
  • Swift action against Landlords
  • We have a 99% success rate
  • Most landlords pay in three weeks
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