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Is your Landlord refusing to give back your security deposit? Landlord avoiding your emails and phone calls? We can help.

Landlord tenant law in the state of Mississippiis very clear There are specific steps and requirments that a landlord must meet regarding security deposits. If the landlord does not follow the exact letter of the law then their right to withhold ANY of your deposit money is forfeited completely. In this case Tenant laws in the State of Mississippi force the landlord to return 100% of your security deposit.

This is a notice of my intention to impose a claim for damages in the amount of upon your security deposit, due to . It is sent to you as required by s. 83.49(3), Mississippi Statutes. You are hereby notified that you must object in writing to this deduction from your security deposit within 15 days from the time you receive this notice or I will be authorized to deduct my claim from your security deposit. Your objection must be sent to (landlord’s address) If the landlord fails to give the required notice within the 30-day period, he or she forfeits the right to impose a claim upon the security deposit.

Go to court? You might be asking yourself if it's worth your tie and money to take your landlord to court to get your security deposit back. We have solved this problem for you. We notify your landlord. We inform them of our intention to act on your behalf to require full payment in 30 days or less. We also inform them of all action we will take to force them to pay up should they decide to try and ignore our complaint. We have a 86% success rate.

Foreclosed or bankrupty is not a problem at all. It makes no difference if the property has been foreclosed or even if your landlord is bankrupt. Your funds, YOUR security deposit is protected and WE GET IT BACK!

In most states. if a landlord does not send an itemized statement and deposit balance to the tenant within 30 days of the date the rental agreement is terminated or the tenant moves out, whichever is later, the landlord forfeits all rights to any of the deposit and to take further legal action against the tenant in a court of a law. It really makes no difference how much damage there is if any. Even if there was $10,000 in damages, the landord has lost his rights to suit you in court. Most Landords don't even know this.

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  • 97% Of Landlords That We Contact Never Go To Court

    Our collection process is direct, to the point, and convincing. Landlords get the message that we don't waste time. We act swiftly and within the law to show them why they are wrong and how much it will cost them if they go to court with us. To go to court for a security deposit. The attorney fees on either side costs more then the deposit. Landlords quickly come to the realization that if they go to court with us, they are going to be paying out a lot more. The reason is that the landlord must pay our fees as well as court costs and the full amount of the deposit. In some cases even more.

Why choose us over other firms?

We are specialists in recovering security deposits. It is the only service we offer.

  • Every legal means necessary
  • Swift action against Landlords
  • We have a 86% success rate
  • Most landlords pay in 4 to 6 weeks
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