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Our Mission:

Recovering unlawfully withheld security deposits from landlords that are clearly in violation of state statutes regarding security deposits.

Security deposits have become a huge risk for renters and a substantial source of fraudulent income for landlords.


In 2017 landlords in the USA made an estimated 463 Million Dollars in unlawfully held tenant security deposits … often with the consent and/or acknowledgement of the tenant (who erroneously believes the taking is lawful and/or justified).



At one time or another, almost everyone has lost a security deposit to a dishonest landlord. 

Dishonest landlords are well aware that most lawyers don’t want these cases because there is just not enough money in them. Dishonest landlords count on the fact that most people will give up over time and they keep the deposits. It’s a growing problem in our country.

Our organization turns the tide on these unscrupulous property owners and managers. We fight for your money, your credit, your rights, and your reputation. We utilize every legal resource necessary to reclaim money that has been unfairly and/or illegally withheld from you.

If you feel you have been wronged, we urge you to contact us for a free evaluation.  Our team will fight for your rights, accessing social and legal resources necessary to resolve disputes both in and out of court for tenants who can’t afford upfront legal fees. We are advocates fighting for the rights of tenants in a society where attorneys often disregard the needs of tenants as not “cost effective”.


Don’t let your landlord steal your deposit. Take action while you can!

It’s our mission to get these deposits returned, and we love what we do.


We are well positioned and uniquely equipped to take immediate action resulting in payment of any and all funds illegally withheld from you.

With affiliations throughout the United States, our team of passionate advocates and partners is comprised of professionals, para-professionals, student interns and social activists in the fields of Tenant Law, Information Technology & Social Media Communications.

Dishonest landlord not returning your full deposit?

$ 1600


All cases considered regardless of amount.

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$ 6229


Claim what is rightfully yours before it's too late.

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We don’t get paid unless we recover your deposit. 96% success rate in 2017.

Read our expertly written blog for insights and ideas

Educate yourself and be a proactive tenant. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of by unscrupulous landlords, realtors, and property managers. We have learned many things over our eight years in business and we share these insights with you through our blog entries.

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We offer a Unique Approach to insure quick results

Just because you win in court, does not mean your landlord will actually pay. 


Our team educates landlords to the consequences of not returning your security deposit.


Sometimes court is necessary, but most of the time, it’s not. Above and beyond any legal proceedings, we prepare a thorough and convincing ‘Publicity Campaign Package’ that can be deployed in minutes. Publicity Campaign Packages consist of  a complete arsenal of data files that submits reviews to over 25 high profile review sites. And that’s just the beginning, it also includes document publications, social media announcements, multiple high profile blog and forum posts, entries on numerous websites such as Report A Landlord and more. Over 100 links in total. The package is prepared and can be deployed in minutes, resulting in countless optimized Google links using the landlords name, property address, business address, property management company names, phone numbers, condo or apartment names and more. Publicity Campaign Package deployments are easily edited by our staff for reputation/review updates. Our technical ability in this field is beyond expert, it’s cutting edge, insuring results that get a landlords attention fast, prompting them to settle quickly.


Landlords understand that their reputation is on the line.

Deposit matters are settled quickly, far ahead of court dates.

Millions in deposits have been recovered for renters across America. And we can recover yours too. We love what we do!