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Is Your Landlord In Violation of State Statutes?

If so, apply here and we will help you get your deposit back.

Application process is easy and fast. Please complete the form. You will be contacted by by email and by phone to verify the information in the form.

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Watch your email… If you do not receive a login to our client portal, contact us via chat. From the client portal you can view all documents, receipts, payments, and letters including our correspondence with you, your landlord, your case management team and any associate attorney contact. Communicate with us via private messenger in your account. All details of your account and progress are available online at all times. Our entire process is 100% transparent.

Ready to take action and get your deposit back? Evaluation is free.

$ 1250000

Total Amount In Security Deposits Recovered In 2017

Landlords will ignore you until you take action. We take fast and definitive action, often collecting more than your original deposit.

With over 600 applicants a month, our evaluation process helps us identify responsible applicants and helps us maintain our 95% success rate.

Landlord being difficult, avoiding you? Take action now!