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Aggressive tenant representation in every state...

Nationwide Attorney Affiliates


We partner with attorneys and non-attorney legal advocates, mitigation experts, and tenant law experts in every state who are both strong legal advocates and capable team players. Who provide expert counsel and representation as a pre-litigation tool. We use aggressive tenant lawyers located proximate to the local jurisdiction of complaints.


Our affiliation with attorneys across the country, in every US state, is a valuable resource for our many clients who are encountering challenges collecting their wrongfully withheld security deposits.


Our affiliate attorneys appear in all State and Federal courts and counsel clients on a national basis. We work quickly and aggressively to protect the rights of our tenant clients.


For a list of Affiliate Attorneys, contact SDR’s Attorney Affiliate Program Coordinator below.


Affiliate Attorney Program Applicants


Interested attorneys are carefully vetted before being accepted into the Attorney Affiliate Program, to ensure only those who comply with the highest standards of ethics and integrity participate in the program. Security Deposit Refund was formed in the spirit of helping others. Our organization, it’s founders, staff and affiliates have impeccable reputations for integrity and professionalism – we aim to ensure the Affiliate Program maintains these high standards.


Attorney affiliate benefits include a high volume of qualified inbound referrals from SecurityDepositRefund.ORG’s extensive network of highly trafficked, organically optimized Internet assets. Referral areas include but are not limited to, Real Estate, Mortgage Loans, Family Trust, and Commercial Civil cases.


Attorneys interested in applying for our Attorney Affiliate Program are urged to contact our Attorney Affiliate Program coordinator.


Attorney Affiliate Program Coordinator

SDR Attorney Affiliate Program
1775 Eye Street NW Suite 1150
Washington, DC 20006