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Landlords Should Be Aware…

We actively pursue state law enforcement intervention in criminal cases.
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Landlords That We Contact…


Are in clear violation of state statutes regarding security deposit claims. 


We only represent tenants whose landlords are in clear violation.



You Will Lose Because You Already Have


Over 600 people apply for our assistance every month. We cherry pick cases in which the landlord is in clear violation of state statutes. You will lose, because you already have. Why did you ignore the security deposit refund demand from your tenant? The courts always ask.


Ignore our demands for return of a security deposit and you may regret that decision for the rest of your life.

Our organization pursues intervention from federal, state and local agencies to ensure punishment for landlords guilty of unlawful, fraudulent withholding of security deposits that may lead to criminal charges.


All cases are reported to public informational websites in effort to inform the public of landlords guilty of unlawful, fraudulent withholding of security deposits. Eventually your name and address will become accesible to those who search for information about you in search engines.


There are a number of ways that you may have already lost. Ask yourself these questions. Did you hold the deposit in a separate account? Did you follow the statute for making a claim on the deposit? Did you withhold any or all of the deposit making claims which are not chargeable against a security deposit because they are what the law considers normal and expected use (“reasonable wear and tear”), cleaning? Maintenance fees? You know what you did, and you have been caught.


We consider it our duty, our mission to see to it that these common unethical acts of immorality stop. We aim to make a dent in the number of these fraudulent acts, on a national level.


Landlords should also be aware that our organization is not a traditional law firm. Our organization is comprised of  legal and technical professionals. Attorneys and non-attorney legal advocates, mitigation experts and tenant law experts in every state, working in harmony and bringing to bear the full force and power of both the legal system and public media, ensuring justice in the form of judgement, and remedy in form of monetary payment. While the slow but determined wheels of justice are turning, our technical staff is performing a public service by warning the public about unscrupulous Landlords.


You are already in violation. We cherry pick cases in which the landlords are in clear violation. If you continue to withhold our clients funds you will not only find yourself court and facing our Legal Team, but also at the targeted end of our highly skilled Technical Team of Internet optimization experts as they warn the public of your illegal activities.


Your illegal activities will become the topic of Search Engine Optimization targeted with expert precision and designed to warn the public about defrauding, scamming, swindling, cheating or otherwise illegal deception and or criminal conversion related to security deposits.



A Word About Ethics

Landlords and their representatives are quick to call our methods “unethical”.

Tell that to the single mom with three kids that we recovered $2,000 for. Or the 68 year old veteran who was almost left homeless when his $1,500 was illegally withheld. The families who count on their deposit being returned to by food.


Consider this FACT: Security deposits have become a huge risk for renters, and a substantial source of fraudulent income for landlords.


In 2017 landlords in the USA made off with an estimated 463 Million Dollars in unlawfully held tenant security deposits … often with the consent and/or acknowledgement of the tenant (who erroneously believes the taking the deposit is lawful and/or justified).


These is why we do this work, and we know what we are doing is right and our experiences have taught us that the courts eventually applaud what we do. The facts reveal the unscrupulous, the unethical ones.


Do you think you can delay payment using the slow moving court system? As we await the judicial process, our Technical Team is highly skilled at optimizing for the search engines using all of the names, phone numbers, and addresses of every person and entity legally associated with your property rental business. Our Technical Team will also be researching your business history and reaching out to others that may have had a negative experience.


A Message For Your Attorney’s…

If you associate yourself with the illegal activities of unscrupulous Landlords, your association with scammers will become public knowledge. Information about the part you play, preying on the weakness of others, facilitating and supporting scams and illegal activity will be available for all to read about. And long after you realize it was a bad decision to work with these unscrupulous Landlords, it will be too late. Your name and the names of all at your firm will be forever associated with scammers, cheaters, swindlers and the like.


We are unrelenting, powerful and fighting the good fight

Our Technical Team will also be researching your business history and reaching out to others that may have had a negative experience.