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How It Works

APPLY – It starts with a simple application. If you haven’t already applied then we suggest you do it now. You can apply here. The faster you apply, the faster you will get your security deposit return check. Your application is free.


LOGIN – After your application is submitted you will get a welcome email with your security Deposit Refund Tracker login information.


COMMUNICATE – From the Refund Tracker our team can instant message you and you can do the same. You can also upload any additional documents that we might need like a lease or a receipt.


GET PROGRESS UPDATES – The Refund Tracker has a progress update system. You can actually see your dispute progress as well as any and all letters, documents, complaints or any other action or communication related to your dispute.


GET YOUR CHECK – The day we get your security deposit back, you will be notified by email from the Refund Tracker. You will find out exactly how much your landlord refunded back. We will send you your check within 2 days, often the same day.