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The National Tenant Advocacy Organization

Security Deposit Refund Program


Assists tenants in recovering illegally withheld security deposits. If your landlord has withheld your security deposit in violation of state statutes, you are eligible for this program.


Funded in part by private donations, grants and partner organizations to offer public assistance to those tenants who’s cases meet specific qualifying criteria. This program assists by stepping in to mitigate financial loss incurred from illegally withheld security deposits and by drastically reducing the cost out of pocket expenses for these services.


Why NTAO’s Security Deposit Recovery Program Is Important


Security deposits have become a huge risk for renters and a substantial source of fraudulent income for landlords.


Illegally held security deposits are a social problem that has been ignored for so long, it has reached epidemic proportions. Landlords are simply stealing money from those who can least afford it.

While no household is safe, low income households are purposely targeted because they are unable to afford legal representation.


In 2017 landlords in the USA made off with an estimated 463 Million Dollars in unlawfully held tenant security deposits … often with the consent and/or acknowledgement of the tenant (who erroneously believes the taking is lawful and/or justified).


It has lead to increase in the homeless population across our nation.




Our active public policy advocacy with regard to illegally held security deposits attracts favorable media attention. This effort helps our organization, generating higher visibility leading to increased awareness of illegally held security deposits and mobilizing our board, our volunteers, and our donors.


Our advocacy brings this issue into light, allowing policy makers to see the extent of this problem and hopefully will begin to address it. As of now, it remains unaddressed and it’s continued growth is costing households hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Help us fight for the rights of others!

$ 1250000

Total Amount In Security Deposits Recovered In 2017

Landlords will ignore you until you take action. We take fast and definitive action, often collecting more than your original deposit.

Security deposits have become a substantial source of fraudulent income for landlords.