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Free Demand Letter Writing Service

Free ‘Security Deposit Demand Letter’ Writing Service

Since we began our service in 2010, we have penned over 10 thousand security deposit demand letters for over 10 thousand renters across every state in the US. All of them, at little-to-no cost for renters.



As of February 1st. 2019, our service is now free to any renter who’s Landlord has not returned all or part of their security deposit, in direct violation of the law.


Any renter who would like to take advantage of this free service should submit an application here.



  • Landlord deadlines for notification regarding tenants security deposits range from 14 to 60 days depending on the state.
  • Landlords who miss the deadline have lost their right to make ANY claim on your security deposit.
  • Landlords make an estimated 463 Million Dollars annually in unlawfully held, stolen security deposits.



  • Attorney’s charge too much because assisting tenants is not a sustainable business market for them.
  • They don’t want your case because the current legal process is too expensive and not cost effective for you or the attorney.
  • Attorney’s would rather represent landlords because landlords can afford the up-front money to retain legal services