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Certified Demand Letter Writing & Delivery Service

Security Deposit Certified Demand Letter Writing & Delivery Service

Since we began our service in 2010, we have penned thousands of security deposit demand letters across every state in the USA. All of them, at little-to-no cost for renters.

  • You must apply first. Apply here.
  • If your application is accepted, it must be verified.
  • There is a one-time Verification Fee of $250.00.


Our service is *free to any renter who’s Landlord has not returned all or part of their security deposit, in direct violation of the law.

*Verification Fee of $250.00.

Verification fees protect against fraudulent applications and include the United States Postal Service fees for Certifed Mail Delivery & Electronic Signature Services required by law.




Any renter who would like to take advantage of this free service should submit an application here.



  • Landlord deadlines for notification regarding tenants’ security deposits range from 14 to 60 days depending on the state.
  • Landlords who miss the deadline have lost their right to make ANY claim on your security deposit.
  • Landlords make an estimated 463 Million Dollars annually in unlawfully held, stolen security deposits.



  • Attorneys simply can’t make enough off your case to take it on.
  • Attorney’s charge too much because assisting tenants is not a sustainable business model for them.
  • They don’t want your case because the current legal process is too expensive and not cost-effective for you or the attorney.
  • Attorney’s would rather represent landlords because it is more profitable.