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Do It Yourself?

You have less than a 10% chance of winning...

Less than 10% of  ‘do it yourself’ tenants win.


Your chances of winning ‘Pro se’ (representing yourself) in small claims court in most states it’s less than 10%. Most of these are lost due to not following procedure. If you have enough personal and work time to do all the research, get it all right, pay all the costs, make all the court dates and then find out your case has lost due to some technicality. This is the reality of trying to do this yourself.


Just remember, your landlord will have an attorney and you will most likely loose for failure to comply with procedural rules or on a technicality that you had no knowledge of.


Your going to need help, but…

Finding a local attorney will not be easy. Attorneys rarely take these types of cases on contingency. Most attorneys charge $200 an hour, and require about 4hrs retainer. And the average price to have an attorney write a single demand letter for you is about $300.


Don’t go it alone, our organization is here to help you.

Since 2010, we have recovered thousands of security deposits. in every state in the country. While our 95% success rate is great, what you will benefit from most is the speed that we resolve these matters in. Often all it takes is a phone call from one of our case managers. In fact, most deposits are returned within three weeks.


Our organization works in direct cooperation with state, federal and local agencies, including law enforcement, courts, HUD, Consumer Protection Agencies, Department of Consumer Affairs (in every state), Legal Aid, Tenant Associations, and many more.

Ready to take action and get your deposit back? Evaluation is free.

$ 1250000

Total Amount In Security Deposits Recovered In 2017

Landlords will ignore you until you take action. We take fast and definitive action, often collecting more than your original deposit.

With over 600 applicants a month, our evaluation process helps us identify responsible applicants and helps us maintain our 95% success rate.

Landlord being difficult, avoiding you? Take action now!